We are dedicated to fixing our world through innovative approach to emergencies, leadership and security challenges


The Global Emergency and Counterterrorism Institute (GECI) is an independent and not for profit organisation registered in South Africa that strives for a better Africa. The Organisation which was founded  by doctor Gerard Emmanuel Kamdem Kamga is based in Pretoria and focuses on the causes, impacts, consequences, theoretical and practical understandings and prevention’s mechanisms of violence and  insecurities at the origin of global and regional emergencies. These include among other terrorism and violent extremism, governance crisis,  migration within and outside Africa, emergency regimes, national and   transnational  crimes. Our rationale is that we live in a global and interconnected world where everything is linked. Problems arising in one part of the world necessarily affect the rest of the globe and absolutely require a concerted effort to reach long term and sustainable solutions.


The mission of the Global Emergency and Counterterrorism Institute (GECI) is to address the greatest peace and security challenges of our time by using all necessary available tools. These include among other, knowledge, education, training and partnership with governments,  local communities, the media, national, regional and international bodies.  We intend to design and suggest relevant policies and recommendations to overcome the “global civil war” that Africa and other parts of the world are currently involved in. There is no spontaneous generation and one can only bring about a better society if we understand what is wrong with the current one and how to fix it. Paying close attention to the early signs, symptoms, manifestations, impacts and circumstances surrounding global and regional emergencies such as state of emergency, state of siege, terrorism, fragile states, migration, drug and human trafficking, human smuggling and other transnational crimes is at the core of our work.



Global Emergency and Counterterrorism Institute (GECI)


We are dedicated to providing a unique African perspective to emergency and security challenges. However, we aims to go beyond  an "African" perspective to provide long and sustainable solutions.

Our vision is to strive for the reduction of violence, inequalities, injustices, poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, corruption and under development that fuel illegal migration, terrorism and violent extremism, national and transnational  crimes, genocides and fragile states.

Our goal is to enhance and achieve a sustainable quality of life on the African continent but also to contribute in bringing about a better society at the global level.



The Global Emergency and Counterterrorism Institute (GECI) has a firm mission to accomplish. The  following three points explain how the organisation will go about achieving its objectives :

1. Evidence based Research and Evaluation Capacity

2. Training and awareness campaign

3. Policy Design and solutions-oriented recommendations



3. Policy Design and solutions-oriented recommendations

Our purpose is the positioning of the Global Emergency and Counterterrorism Institute  (GECI) as the bridge between theoretical knowledge and practical policies and solutions to security and emergency crisis. Where officials have implemented domestic and/or regional strategies and where terrorism, governance and migration crisis along with transnational organised crimes persist, our starting point is to provide the feedback loop between current policies, laws and the reality on the ground. We analyse and evaluate in a systematic comparative approach current domestic, regional and global strategies available to tackle emergency and security issues.  By  assessing and understanding past, current and future challenges on the African continent and the rest of the world, we rely on our skill and expertise to design and initiate mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with governments, law enforcement agencies, officials with influence in the policy arena, organisations, traditional leaders and local communities to provide solution-oriented recommendations to bring a genuine contribution to the continental and global challenges to peace, security and governance. Our publications, evidence based research and insights into the most burning issues and a few discernible policies and sound recommendations are available under our Policy Briefs rubric.


1. Evidence based Research and Evaluation Capacity

The Global Emergency and Counterterrorism Institute (GECI) conducts evidence-based research and assessment to detect the primary causes of terrorism and violent extremism, the normalisation of emergency regimes, illegal migration, transnational organised crimes and the crisis of governance in Africa and other parts of the globe. Reliance on quantitative and qualitative research methodologies along with comparative studies and the use of primary and secondary sources coupled with field trips and partnership with governments, communities and the media provide the organisation with the skill to conceptualise and propose key entry points and practical solutions as well as relevant policy recommendations to tackle security challenges.


2. Training and awareness campaign

One of the main issues in Africa remains the gap of knowledge between the continent and other parts of the globe. The situation is worst when it comes about knowledge on Emergency Phenomena, Migration, Transnational Criminal Networks, Security Analysis and Governance. The curriculum in various educational institutions on the African continent does not proposes a specialisation or Degree on Security, Emergencies or Strategic Studies. This is inconsistent  in an environment beset by  insecurity issues  from terrorist groups such as Al Shahaab, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda in the Maghreb, Islamist State. In addition to this, Transnational Organised Crimes and the Crisis of Governance contribute to worsen the situation.

To fill the gap of knowledge in these fields, our organisation has an agenda of education and awareness campaign directed toward everyone including the Civil society, Government Officials, Law Enforcement Agencies, Policymakers, Traditional Leaders, Local Communities and the Masses. In so doing, every week, our rubric GECI WEEKLY provides news and information exclusively devoted to Security and Governance, Migration, Emergency Regimes, Counterterrorism, Transnational Crimes in Africa and around  the world. A second rubric,  CLASSROOM conceptualises and proposes basic lessons on these issues to anyone irrespective of the background.    More thorough teachings, insights and analysis are further provided in our PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS rubric where articles on human rights, emergency, terrorism and other security challenges published in accredited and peer refereed international journals are available. Our organisation also intends to organise seminar and forums where emergency and security issues will be the main focus. We plan to deepen this training and awareness campaigns by seeking partnership with academic institutions at the regional and global levels.