The long awaiting report commissioned by British authorities on terrorism funding has been finally completed. Yet following a review, UK secretary of state Amber Rudd has decided against publishing the classified report in full. Her decision was informed by “the volume of personal information it contains and for national security reasons.” The decision not to publish the report in its entirety was criticised by Tim Farron, leader of the UK Liberal Democrats who “believe that sunlight is the best disinfectant.” Similarly, according to UK Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas, the government refusal to publish this report is simply “unacceptable.”


Meanwhile the “simplified” version of the report published shows that the most common source for Islamist extremism organisations in the UK is from small, anonymous public donations. The report further raises issues of concern, supported by evidence, with specific countries.

The initiative to launch an inquiry into terrorism funding is an important step to fight against terrorism and violent extremism. When this initiative need to be praised, it is nonetheless unfortunate that the full version and details of the report were kept secret by British authorities. If we want to bring an end to violent extremist and the organisations behind it, radical measures need to be undertaken. The funding of terrorism is the oxygen  that keep this brutal phenomenon alive. People have been wondering how organisations such as Al Qaeda, Islamic State, AL Shabaab, and Boko Haram rise from almost nothing and have been able to survive and renew themselves for years. These organisations have been able to operate thanks to high and complex sophisticated means and arsenals made up of machines and personnel which require a lot of money. One reasonable avenue to explore in order to reduce terrorism, definitely require the exposure of passive and active protagonists and financial sources of terrorism hidden in the shadow.

Gerard Emmanuel Kamdem Kamga, LLD, Executive Director GECI




Gerard Emmanuel Kamdem Kamga

               2  September 2017


The long awaiting report commissioned by British authorities on terrorism funding has been finally completed but will not be released owing to national security reasons.